Moonset City
A couple of robots going to vacation by space car. Digital illustration for the Hello IOTA site
End of Vacation
IOTA African Safari
Editorial Illustrations
Digital editorial Illustrations for the articles about tech companies.
IOTA Communication
landscape illustration for HelloIOTA project with a small town and communication infrastructure between facilities and vehicles.
IOTA Container Ship
Sci-fiction illustration. Container ship in the robotic port.
IOTA Laboratory
Sci-fiction illustration. Secret laboratory with brains in tanks.
Bar Illustration
illustration for the first Ukrainian edition of Babel-17 novel by Samuel R. Delany.
Port illustration
illustration for the first Ukrainian edition of Babel-17 novel by Samuel R. Delany.
Maria Savchyn portrait illustration
Maria Savchyn portrait illustration for the book ‘She did it too’
IOTA Turtle City Illustration
Sci-fiction illustration. Ocean turtle with the city in his back.
IOTA Alpine Train
Sci-Fi Train in snowy mountains. Winter Alpine Scene.
IOTA Helicopter Landing
IOTA Helicopter Landing. Helicopter landing on the backyard of the property
IOTA Ocean Illustration
Hello IOTA Illustrations
Digital Panting Illustration for Hello IOTA
Flat Sunset
Science fiction digital painted landscape. Painting process video.
Speed and Dust
Sci-fi digital painting. Racing cars on the another planet surface.
Yellow Horizon
Playing with Kyle's brushes in Photoshop. Just a pure fun :)
Robot poet
Romantic robot in a retrofuturistic setting. Painter 12, Wacom intuos
Industrial Sunset
Old project from 2011
City N8
Science fiction city. Used Painter X and Wacom intuos.
Cover art for board game
12th Capt. Carter's feat
Brave Capt. Carter is making crash landing after dogfight vs pirates. Frightened baboon hope to nice landing too. Personal 3d project.
Samurai and Servant
Quite some time i had this composition in my head and thought it funny. Then i decided to make picture a little stylized like classic Japanese art. And I know that a katana should be positioned differently :).
Flight over canyon
Sky fiction art from 2008. Used Painter X and Wacom intuos.